Tarrant County Veterans Council


2019 Officers and Directors


President:            Dan Zmroczek

1st Vice President:         Roland Paquette

2nd Vice President:                 Bruce Zielsdorf

Secretary/Finance Officer:   Terry Bigley

Chaplain:       Col Russell E Bracy

Past President: Martin Agee, 3rd

2015 Board of Directors

Director 1 - Budget and Finance Chairperson

Pixie Wetmore

Director 2 - Parades Chairperson

Ken Cox

Director 3 - Legislation Chairperson

Bill Putman

Director 4 - Awards and Decorations Chairperson

Susan “Sam” Seelbach

Director 5 - Constitution and Bylaws Chairperson

Phil Vaughn

Director 6 - Membership Chairperson

Dale Clark

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Page last updated January 10, 2019